One of the leading car dealerships in the South East, Caffyns has established itself as a reliable company with a high quality of service over the past 150 years…

With 24 branches in 12 locations across the South East, Caffyns has grown over the past 150 years to become an established and trusted PLC company offering an extensive range of new cars, used cars and services. Caffyns offers a large stock of approved used cars for sale at 12 locations across Sussex and Kent, including major brands such as used Volkswagen, Skoda, Volvo, Vauxhall and SEAT as well as luxury brands such as used Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover, to name a few. Customers can also search the entire stock and easily find the car they want, sorting by price, tax band, CO2, fuel consumption, make and model.

Caffyns is one of the longest running dealerships in the country, yet it hasn’t lost sight of the founders’ values of personal, friendly service and customer care since 1903 when Mr Harry Caffyn manoeuvred the first car over the threshold at The Colonnade.

Patrick Conway, Regional Director of Caffyns VW & Volvo comments: “I think it is fair to say that the history of Caffyns has left all the employees with a very real sense of being part of a community where our focus on customer satisfaction is as intrinsic as if with a close friend or neighbour.” He makes it clear that Sussex is the county where it started, which is a fact that runs deep through the ethos of the company, with the centre of its wide-ranging activities still located at Meads Road, Eastbourne, as well as three other branches in the town: “Our roots in Sussex have allowed us to interact with our neighbours here but also have allowed our reputation to spread as the oldest motor trade company in the UK with a heritage of 150 years.”


As the motor industry has changed throughout its life, so, of course, has Caffyns – a key point to the company’s overriding success, with a turnover of over £150 million. “We have around 800 colleagues, all of whom display the characteristics of a deep commitment to serving our community and customers to the best of their ability. I think this, as a company trait, has been key in our success and governs the way we do business,” says Patrick.

“Businesses throughout Sussex are the experts in their fields, whatever that happens to be, and we are equally the experts in ours. Our expertise in providing the correct vehicle for your business or employees is matched by our access to and expertise in the various ways of funding that purchase, which means we can tailor a solution to your specific business need and allow you to concentrate your efforts in the areas that will maximise your business’ success. Also, as a local company with a long history and heritage we are always on hand to help.”

Caffyns offer great deals on new cars, used cars and car servicing to customers across Sussex and Kent, with new car deals as well as various used car deals. Caffyns servicing is not only very affordable and highly regarded, but our service centres are manufacturer- approved, which means your car will be serviced to the highest standard as set by the manufacturers using genuine parts. Please contact your local Caffyns dealerships to find out about the used car offers and promotions available, and what Caffyns can do for you.

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