StephieAnn Designs offer an ultra luxurious option for women’s underwear, using the finest silk and evoking a real ‘made in Britain’ feel…

I’ve always loved sewing, being creative and most of the time I live in my own imagination! I learnt to sew growing up in West Sussex from my mum and started making my own clothes after receiving a sewing machine for my 16th birthday. I studied Textiles at Chelsea College of Art and Design, learning how to weave, knit, print and embellish with stitching. After graduating in 2013, I started to think about how I could use my textiles and print designs within creative products and the outcome was knickers! I began cutting up knickers and reconstructing them, teaching myself how to sew lingerie from scratch. After I developed my products and perfected the fit I joined The Princes Trust and was assigned a business mentor, Carol, who I see every month. I taught myself how to build a website, and slowly things started to fall into place.

I was inspired to start my business in 2014, after returning from a trip where I came across a small boutique in Florence selling lingerie made from recycled silk scarves. I started creating illustrations for my debut collection using inspiration from British poetry and my love for nature. My handmade collections are all made in the Welsh valley, with every design I create being unique from different sections of print, making them individual to each person.

My debut Spring/Summer collection, ‘Hammer through Daisies’, is inspired by the poem ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ by Dylan Thomas. By trapping delicate flower petals in ice before hammering the frozen exterior to reveal the beautiful flower within, I represent his everlasting love. My drawings and photographs are then digitally printed onto silks and my illustrations come to life. The latest collection, Some Magic Rose, follows this theme, reflecting on the darker tones of Thomas’ work. The Autumn/Winter collection launched recently with great success.

Both collections are made from 95% silk, with 5% elastane. The beautiful countryside around me enriches my designs and I love finding inspiration in nature, storytelling and romance.

Alongside these collections, my capsule bridal collection features hand-embroidered pansies with embellished garters, nighties, camisoles and knickers adding a ‘something blue’ for a bride’s special day.

The market is growing tremendously, with creative, ‘indie’ and boutique lingerie designers becoming very popular as customers seek made-to-measure styles and creativity. I would love to see StephieAnn stocked in boutiques, creating seasonal collections, staying true to my made-in-Britain ethos.

StephieAnn Design, Sunset, Broadford Bridge Road, West Chiltington, West Sussex, RH20 2LA