MyTeamSafe app enables you to easily check your team are safe – “when you’re on your own, you’re not alone.”

Rob_LittleMyTeamSafe offers a light touch, easy and cost effective solution for businesses wanting to look after their lone workers and prove their duty of care. It is based around a simple to use app, with text and email notifications, plus a central web dashboard. Owned and founded by Rob Little of HILLINGAR Ltd and based in Newhaven, East Sussex, MyTeamSafe is specifically designed to fill a gap in Lone worker systems, building awareness of the potential risks of lone working as well as helping businesses cover their duty of care. It is quick and easy to set up and use, ensuring both the Lone worker and business are in control. We deliberately made sure that MyTeamSafe is available to all, with clear subscriptions. This service is just as affordable for smaller ‘solo’ businesses, such as plumbers or freelancers, to larger businesses such as an office, warehouse or factory and even reps on the road and care workers.

What was your background before MyTeamSafe and why start up your own business? “I have over 30 years’ experience working in supply chain for large blue chip manufacturers and then wanted to bring the same level of benefits and opportunity to SMEs in Sussex, Kent and Surrey. I set up HILLINGAR Ltd to focus on supporting businesses to achieve their best end-to-end supply chain. We uniquely offer both on the ground support for people processes and systems combined with Data analysis, KPI’s and Forecasting. This enables businesses to achieve their most effective physical operations, with the most efficient use of stock and cash.”

Where did the idea for MyTeamSafe and it’s ethos come from? “At HILLINGAR I sometimes find myself leaving a client’s facility with one person left behind to lock up the warehouse or someone is working late. I don’t like the idea of people working alone so often offer to stay behind until they leave. So I decided to create the MyTeamSafe app so that lone workers could feel safer, as if something goes wrong someone will automatically be informed. By using MyTeamSafe, companies are also showing their duty of care to their lone workers.”

Is this business growing in East Sussex? “According to national statistics, more than six million people in the UK work either in isolation or without direct supervision, often in places or circumstances that put them at potential risk. Lone working is on the increase and we need to ensure that everyone feels safe.”

Is it important to keep the business local? “HILLINGAR’s main client base is in the South East and MyTeamSafe was inspired to specifically keep local workers safer. Although this solution works everywhere in the UK (and internationally) we are a South East company, so offer a special discount for local businesses.”

What sets you apart from other, similar businesses? “There are alternative, costlier solutions, linking to 24 hour call centres and the police. But MyTeamSafe has been specifically designed, to keep the company in control, with a lighter touch solution, that is quick to set up and simple to operate. Even though MyTeamSafe has simple affordable subscriptions it still offers a market leading comprehensive, flexible and robust solution.”

With MyTeamSafe it’s not difficult or costly to keep your staff safe and your business…

MyTeamSafe contact information
Tel: 01273 782182.