Sussex Business Times introduces the Mums Enterprise Roadshow – a free, national and child-friendly business exhibition that aims to change the working and business lives of mums for the better, and it will be coming to the city of Brighton in February 2017.

Lindsey Fish and Lucy Chaplin

Mums Enterprise Ltd is on a mission to change and help facilitate women in business, with the ‘mumpreneur’ label continuing to gain momentum across the UK. The organisers of these events are Lindsey Fish and Lucy Chaplin – both mothers of young children who have still found a way of continuing their careers at the same time as offering advice and support to mothers in similar positions. Lindsey – who has been friends with Lucy for 6 years – started her own event management business back in 2014 instead of returning to work after maternity leave, which lead her to the idea of the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in 2015. The founder of Mums Enterprise, Lindsey is in charge of the event management, marketing and sales, with the help of business partner, Lucy who is managing and producing all design and creative aspects and together they have sparked up a successful and beneficial business for women across the country.

Lindsey, who has a 2-year-old daughter called Molly, commented: “I faced the same conundrum thousands of women face after starting a family. I still wanted to use the talents and experience I had gained over my 16 year career, but returning to my city job just wasn’t a feasible, affordable option and this same story is shared by thousands of mums all across the UK.”

“The idea for Mums Enterprise Roadshow was a light-bulb moment. I had seen and experienced first-hand the support and the many opportunities that exist for mums wanting to start or grow a business. As my expertise lies in events and marketing and Lucy’s lie in creative and graphic design, we were the ideal duo to bring this idea to life, so we went for it and it all started in March 2015.”

Statistics show that the ‘Mum Economy’ was worth £7.2 billion back in 2014, and the number of women with children under the age of 18 starting a business is growing at an record rate – set to be worth £9.5 billion by 2025. With the expenses surrounding child care ever on the rise along with organisations and companies being slow to implement flexible working, it’s no wonder mums are deciding to go it alone.

Take a look at this Mums Enterprise Ltd clip to see exactly what the events are about…

The next Mums Enterprise Roadshow will be held in Brighton on Thursday 23rd February 2017 and comprises of over 40 exhibiting companies, speed networking, an inspirational Q&A panel and valuable and practical workshops, allowing the mums out there to be hands on with planning their business future. The Mums Enterprise Roadshow is completely free to attend and is a truly child-friendly event, however space is limited.

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