In this Ask the Expert, Head of Strategy at Broadband Genie, Rob Hilborn gives you the answers you need…

 What should I look for when choosing an internet service provider?

Support is vital but often overlooked. When comparing packages ensure your chosen ISP offers a suitable level of support. Do you need 24 hour assistance? Help with other devices and services? Are they UK based? Downtime can result in real financial loss, and reliable ISP support can be especially important for smaller firms lacking dedicated IT staff.

How do I know what broadband speed is right for my business?

When selecting a broadband service, consider both the number of users and how it’s going to be used. A 17Mb ADSL connection can comfortably serve around 10 users for low-impact tasks such as web browsing and email, but a single large download or upload could slow things down for everybody.

We would recommend fibre optic broadband for all but the smallest organisations. This will provide sufficient bandwidth to handle the demands of many employees and large file transfers without huge expense.

What can I do if broadband in my area is very slow?

Some businesses, particularly those in rural locations, will find their choice of broadband is extremely limited.

One alternative is line bonding. This combines multiple ADSL connections to provide a single fast line. Mobile broadband can also be considered in place of a fixed line service. Assuming there’s a strong signal this is now capable of exceeding the performance of an ADSL broadband connection.

If you’re in a remote location with not even ADSL broadband, there’s always satellite internet. This can provide impressive speeds anywhere in the UK without the need for a landline, though be aware that a satellite link has a very high latency so is unsuitable for some tasks such as remote desktop access.


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