Sussex Business Times continues to provide businessmen and women with insight into the motoring world, this time reviewing the Audi A4 Avant 2.0

Audi S4The Audi A4 range has been quite prevalent over the last year, so much so that it managed to bag itself the title of 2016 Car of the Year from What Car? magazine. The A4 has had a lot to live up to, as the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class have kept the competition fierce in this class.

The exterior design is an evolution of its predecessor, with some sharper creases in the bodywork and a wider radiator grille, while the interior has been subjected to a heavier redesign and the efficient engine has been updated too. Diesel engines have become evermore popular, and the A4 demonstrates just that with its incline four-cylinder, 2.0L diesel engine with BTG turbocharger, making it a powerful, agile and down right pleasurable car to drive. The A4 is a nice looking car from all angles, and definitely delivers on the appearance front, although does provide a few surprises; it’s a surprisingly spacious car for one that is deemed to be ‘small’, offering the utmost comfort for the driver and making it perfect for those longer journeys. SBT has tested a few Audis in its time, but the A4 is definitely preferable to some others in its range – it’s nimble but the traction is incredible. Like BMW and Mercedes drivers, Audi drivers are more often than not seen as ‘arrogant’, but after testing the A4, it’s clear to see why. If we had our own car which, like the Audi A4, was well put together and able to pull itself out of corners at levels of high speed, we would be driving it in exactly the same manner; its capability to drive as well as it does is unique. It’s an incredibly responsive car and, to be honest, quite an impressive one.

Audi S4This car is incredibly understated for a car that costs near-on £40,000, and delivers exactly what you could ask for as someone who desires a decent and nice looking car with the highest spec and technologies, but doesn’t want anything particularly flash; it could well be the perfect car for, lets say for example, a senior accounts person. It’s an incredibly comfortable motor, and surprisingly, what you see on the outside is not reflected on the inside. At first glance you’d be expecting something relatively narrow and maybe not suitable for a car full of people, however the inside boasts a much bigger space than initially expected.

The Audi A4 demonstrates a smooth and robust drive, and the sound of the engine is almost non-existent, providing the driver with an effortless and relaxing driving experience, and with the highest technologies all incorporated, you can just sit back and enjoy your journeys. The Audi A4 also sports a start-stop system, independent front and rear suspension, CO2 emissions as low as 104g, split folding rear seats in three parts with a rear centre armrest, 3-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel, LED Interior Lighting Pack, auto-dimming rear view mirror, electric boot lid release and an S line 3-spoke leather multi-function sport steering wheel.

All in all, although the Audi A4 isn’t all that different to the many other SUVs we’ve had grace the SBT pages in past issues, it is an understated but generous car that provides a flawless and comfortable drive.

Engine capacity: 2.0L

Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch

0-62mph: 7.9 seconds

Max speed: 143 mph

Retail price (OTR): £35,145