The West Sussex Business Expo is fast approaching and here, Sussex Business Times catches up with two of this year’s event speakers

Andrew Abaza

As we have mentioned in previous, the West Sussex Business Expo is set to take over Fontwell Park Racecourse on 25th May this year and promises to provide companies from across the region with seminars, networking opportunities and many other features that will offer advice and inspiration for many businessmen and women. Whether you’re an established business looking to flourish, a business in the early stages or you just want to explore the possibilities of starting your own business, the West Sussex Business Expo is the place for you.

Here, Sussex Business Times caught up with Andrew Abaza from Action Coach, and Acumen Business Law’s Penina Shepherd, who explain their reasons behind becoming involved in the upcoming event and the benefits it provides businesses across the region…

 What made you decide to get involved in this year’s West Sussex Business Expo?

Penina Shepherd: We want to meet businesses from the wider community and feel that this Expo is a great opportunity to do that and a good way to for those businesses to get to know us.

Andrew Abaza: My experience from exhibiting at the Brighton Expo in 2016 was very successful for me in developing relationships with new and existing clients and building my business profile. This experience has been critical in my decision to exhibit and participate in the West Sussex Expo.

How important are these events to the business community and how you’re your business benefit from them in particular?

Penina Shepherd

PS: These events are essential to the business community as they give the opportunity for so many businesses to come together and raise their profiles as well as making connections.  There are learning opportunities too with speakers and seminars, which are a great way to get inspired and expand your business.

AA: This type of event offers business owners great opportunities to make contacts, get ideas for their businesses, and source (and sell) products and services – all in one day and in one place!

You are a speaker at this year’s West Sussex Expo – what do you plan on basing your talk on and why do you feel this is an important topic?

PS: The talk is called ‘The Freedom Revolution’ based on the book I have written which reached number two on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list. I will explain in my talk that there’s a revolution happening in the business world and most of us haven’t even noticed. In the revolution, business people are driven by the pursuit of passion and purpose not profit, but still, and precisely because of this, enjoy extraordinary financial success.

AA: Business owners tell me they can struggle to find ways to improve profitability with so many conflicting pressures and advice they have to deal with. That is why I am presenting a straightforward 5-step framework to improve profits that business owners can take away and start using immediately.

What message do you hope to get across to people attending the event?

PS: That anyone can pursue their dream when their business life becomes aligned with their core values, purpose and passion.  If you have that then the financial success will follow. 

AA: For those planning to come to this type of event, I offer one piece of advice: be clear on what you want to get out of the day.


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