Sussex based organic beauty brand Green People is celebrating its 20th year in business in 2017.  Here, in this month’s Made in Sussex, we find out more about the driving force behind the award winning brand – owner, Charlotte Vøhtz  and the launch of its anniversary campaign to pass on positivity to communities across the UK.

Back in 1997 Charlotte Vøhtz launched her organic beauty brand with a range of pioneering remedies for her daughter Sandra’s sore, irritated skin.

Having searched the high street for natural products that would be gentle on Sandra’s sensitive skin, she found many so-called natural brands used almost entirely synthetic ingredients and, shockingly, many ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ cosmetics contained as little as 0.1% natural or organic products.  This inspired Charlotte to start her mission to positively change the skincare market and Green People was born.

The first products created by Green People were gentle salves for sensitive and trouble prone skin. Using a combination of natural and organic ingredients such as Calendula, Chamomile and Beeswax, Charlotte developed her own remedies to soothe her daughter’s skin ailments.

Since the development of the first natural salve, Green People now makes over 100 certified natural and organic products that cater for all the family. Versions of their original salves, such as Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve, still exist today and have remained firm customer favourites for their gentle, effective soothing properties and natural healing ingredients.

Green People’s first stockist in 1997 was a small independent health shop in Horsham called The Natural Way.  From one tiny shop to the shelves of many national and international retailers, including Waitrose, Whole Foods and Ocado, Green People products can now be found across the UK and abroad.

Charlotte said: “I see Green People as ‘a mission’ – I am meant to be doing it. We continually receive feedback from customers and it is so satisfying to be sent testimonials telling us how we have helped transform a customer’s skin problem – and the buzz we get from knowing we have made a difference makes it all worthwhile.”

Now in their 20th year of trading, the West Grinstead based beauty business is hoping to spread the positivity message by giving 20 people the chance to receive £1,000 each to make their dream a reality, and change the world for the better by uncovering great ideas for making positive change in the communities around them.

Called ‘Change the World in 20 Ways’ the national campaign is being supported by renowned anatomist and TV presenter, and Green People’s official advisor on science communication and brand ambassador, Professor Alice Roberts.

Alice also said: “This is a chance for people to think of a way they’d like to make a positive change – and to get some support to make that dream a reality. I’m delighted to be helping Green People in their quest to spread positivity and inspire people to change the world for the better.”

To find out more or to get involved with Change the World in 20 Ways visit