Paul Bradford, CEO, Southern Communications

What is a hosted phone system?

A hosted phone system is based in the cloud as opposed to being in your office. It can be remotely updated and offers flexibility and reliable performance and is managed by a hosted provider.

How much should you spend on a hosted phone system?

As you have no onsite PBX to manage and maintain, it’s relatively affordable. It’s the best option for cost effective telephony as there are no start-up fees; you pay per user and can add on advanced features at additional costs.

In this way, it becomes bespoke to you and your businesses needs, completely in line with your budget. At any point you can add features as your company grows. Therefore, there is no set cost – just flexibility.

Why would you choose hosted?

It provides reliable, fast communications across a dedicated network and allows you to expand your business and move premises without changing phone numbers. This flexibility can reduce company disruption and prevent any loss of service to clients.

As it’s so flexible and can be controlled from Internet enabled devices, you can stay informed and in touch with ease, even out of office, which is particularly important for home workers and call centre staff. This can lead to better conversions and increased productivity.

Is hosted right for your business?

Any business can benefit from hosted. It’s ideal for companies who are updating to VoIP. With a hosted phone system, the provider takes care of maintenance and set-up so you don’t need in-house resources to take it on. If you’re a small, medium or large company that’s growing and you don’t want high up-front costs, then it is certainly right for you.

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