Businesses are no longer reliant on only their local target market thanks to the internet and Staxon is taking things one step further with its new video consultation platform. The unique tool that offers a flexible service suitable for a range of sectors is giving users a chance to tap into a global market and see their sales and profits soar as a result.

Traditionally, professionals working to deliver consulting services, coaching, or language tuition, for example, would have a geographically limited market in which to work. Staxon now makes connecting with clients from all over the world, simple and effortless, helping both established brands and newcomers to grow. The intuitively designed interface of the Staxon video consultation platform offers an uncomplicated experience for both professionals and customers alike. With integrated features that allow the video platform to be accessed directly from websites and social media, Staxon is set to become an integral part of consultation firms’ operations across the world.

Robert Meleady, Head of Commercial Strategy with Staxon, said: “In today’s digital world there’s no need for businesses to be limited to a single location when it comes to their customer base. At Staxon, we’re committed to utilising the latest technology to transform the way business is conducted. Our unique, innovative video platform is ideal for a wide range of professionals, allowing them to take their knowledge and skills to a much larger audience. With the ability to connect with people worldwide, our customers have an opportunity to reach whole new clientele groups.”

When working with customers across the world, it can make payment a challenge but Staxon has considered this too. Built into the creative platform is a seamless payment method. Customers will know they are using a secure way to pay and professionals can rest assured that all payments have been authorised before the consultation takes place, cutting out the risk of time not being paid for. Perfectly facilitating global consultation businesses, Staxon can help a range of firms to thrive in a digital world.

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