Here, Founder of PLATF9RM, Seb Royle answers your burning questions…

How does the workspace environment influence happiness and productivity?

At PLATF9RM we believe a good working environment is a physical and social collaboration. The physical aspect is about the quality of the workspace and the level of design, from an aesthetic as well as practical perspective. The social is about helping people connect because meetings breed creativity. When both are carefully balanced you create the perfect melting pot.

We work with an interior designer to create bespoke spaces for our members. We’re about style and function – it’s no use having a beautifully designed space if, ultimately, people aren’t comfortable working in it. Humans are social animals and, for a flexible members workspace, the communal side of the environment is key. In the main space we have long desks and, though people are obviously there to work, the vibe is upbeat and chatty in these areas.

Water has been linked with productivity, and we have filtered water, citrus water and ice available. In addition, there are teas and coffees from local producers; they’re constantly replenished for members, and we’re not shy of buying some cakes of an afternoon. (They never last long, nor do the beers we put out at 4pm on a Friday!)

It’s important to provide opportunities for workspace members to connect outside of their normal working day. We do this through monthly Socials and regular training events. Humans are creative and social creatures and work best with others. At PLATF9RM we’re really just providing a space that gives people the chance to harness that creativity in the way that suits them best.