CrewFlyer Ltd is an exciting new enterprise set up and located in Crawley, West Sussex. Working in partnership with London Gatwick Airport, the company aims to deliver a high-end bespoke transport service for Gatwick Airport employees between the city of Brighton & Hove and London Gatwick Airport

The business model has been designed as a result of the experience of the founding member and Managing Director of CrewFlyer Ltd, Adam Miller. Having spent 16 years in the aviation industry, Adam fully understands the complexities and frustrations that individuals and businesses face whilst trying to service a 24-hour operation to the highest standard.

Historically, airport staff have experienced varying degrees of frustration in terms of their access and egress to and from work, particularly where it involves public transport. With the reduction of services provided by a national road carrier and the lack of a 24-hour rail route, the frustrations that staff experience will only get worse. Staff commuting from the city of Brighton & Hove have little choice but to use their own transport, and this too can be a little stressful and time consuming due to the location of staff car parks, which adds at least half an hour to each shift worked. CrewFlyer Ltd aims to eliminate these stresses and strains and to deliver staff to their place of work in the comfort of high-end vehicles, fresh, relaxed and ready to begin their shift. This will impact directly on customer service, ultimately improving the quality of the experience of Gatwick Airport passengers. Statistically, there are currently approximately 1300 people working at Gatwick Airport and commuting in from Brighton & Hove who are affected by these issues.

Businesses operating within the airport report the difficulties that they have in recruiting from outside of the immediate geographical location due to transport issues. CrewFlyer Ltd will enable them to forage further afield in order to fill any skills gaps that they may have. In addition, CrewFlyer will be in a position to help support the wellbeing, health and welfare of existing staff by reducing the levels of stress arising out of travel issues. Businesses will also directly benefit as CrewFlyer’s operation will help to minimise the “failure to report” numbers currently experienced by airport-based companies. It is also anticipated that their service will reduce levels of sickness reported across all of the businesses operating within the airport environment.

In addition to the individual and organizational benefits stated above, the positive impact on the environment is not insignificant. In the first year alone, CrewFlyer anticipates that thewir operation will contribute to cutting CO2 emissions by approximately 1,069.2 tonnes – based on a medium sized car with an average fuel consumption of 21 mpg. In addition, the back-office functions, is paperless and wholly automated. The company continues to investigate and find new and innovative ways of using technology to its fullest in order to deliver a seamless, high-quality operation.

Operations Director, Grant Shaw said: “Having been asked by Adam to look over his presentation to launch CrewFlyer, I was so impressed that I decided I would like to be involved at all levels. I am delighted and excited to be at the operational helm of such an innovative venture, which I will bring major benefits to both individuals and organisations whilst having a positive impact on the environment.