Julia Jeyes, Owner and Director of Grafton Banks Finance

How is business in Sussex?

As a specialist recruiter in the finance industry, we continually analyse press, trends in the market and client and candidate feedback to inform our strategies and support our clients. 2017 has been a year of uncertainty and the press has been projecting a gloomy outlook, yet economic reports show that productivity is at its highest in the UK for six years and the economy remains buoyant.
Optimism is high amongst UK businesses, and we are seeing an increased demand for senior professionals as companies grow. Not only are quality candidates in high demand, and often snapped up very quickly, but we are seeing employers working harder to retain staff.

It’s a candidate-led market, so employers need to progress with confidence when recruiting, ensuring their offering meets the needs of today’s dynamic workforce.

So, as an employer how can you attract top talent?

When we surveyed nearly 200 of our candidates, 59% noted that they would appreciate extra holiday, flexible working options and other non-salary related benefits. It’s clear that wellbeing is playing an important role in the decision-making process, and any offering should be tailored to the candidate you’re looking for.

Offering flexibility in working hours, where appropriate, could help set yourself apart from your competitors, but it needs to work for your business too. We’re also seeing candidates looking to build relationships with companies before considering employment with them, so your business needs to promote its values externally as well as internally so that prospective applicants can see that they will be part of a positive company culture.