Chris Dale, Managing Director, Structured Communications

How can businesses benefit from bonded broadband?

Bonded broadband is faster than traditional broadband, increasing download and upload speeds and is more reliable for when it is needed most. This is a huge benefit to any sized company that requires the capacity to smoothly meet deadlines, be as productive as possible with email, browsing, cloud and voice, and as a result, maintain strong client relations.

To facilitate these benefits, bonded broadband is incredibly resilient meaning that business owners and employees have peace of mind that the connection won’t fail and that you’ll be saved the stress and disruption of downtime. This resiliency is achieved through bonded broadband utilising up to four broadband lines; should a fault occur in one, the connection will be maintained by the other lines.

Bonded broadband is also highly scalable; should your business grow significantly, additional lines can be added as you need them to maintain the same quality of service. For each bonded line added, you can receive up to an 80% speed increase. Investing in high speeds and flexibility is more affordable than it may appear, with our own dedication to keeping entry points within your budget.

Financially, bonded broadband is more cost-effective than leased lines if a business is in need of consistent bandwidth as it can provide increased speeds at a fraction of the cost. It is also an ideal solution for temporary sites as it has a shorter lead time and can be removed should a leased line be more appropriate. This is a productive option for construction sites and new offices.

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