The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Brighton & Hove’s homeless charity for young people, is expecting to help more 16 to 25 year-olds in 2018 than ever before as homelessness in the city continues to rise.

181 displaced youths received help, advice and security at The Clock Tower Sanctuary in 2017, already an increase from 2016, the figure is expected to rise again to 200 this year, illustrating the growing issue of homelessness in Brighton & Hove.

With the largest homeless population outside of London, all Brighton & Hove charities supporting the homeless are calling out for volunteers and community support.

Louis Kirby, a past Clock Tower Sanctuary volunteer who has since secured a job in the housing and homeless sector, said: “The volunteers are absolutely integral to The Clock Tower Sanctuary and to the rehabilitation of its clients. Most of the clients are new to being homeless and are receptive to the help you offer – they are young and don’t want to be out on the streets.

“The Sanctuary staff provide the volunteers with support and direction, which has contributed to my personal development and growth. I am so happy after each shift – I would recommend volunteering to anyone, of any age and any background, it has changed my life.”

Frances Duncan, Clock Tower Sanctuary CEO added: “We simply wouldn’t be able to run our drop-in service without our fantastic team of volunteers. No matter your experience everyone has something unique to offer so please check out our application pack on the website and consider how you may get involved.”

To ensure clients get the help they need to break away from homelessness, The Clock Tower Sanctuary provides their volunteers – ranging in experience and personalities – with ongoing training and support. If you would like to know more about volunteering at The Clock Tower Sanctuary, please visit their website here: