Sussex Business Times introduces brand new Customer Relationship Magement tool, SET For Business. Here, they explain the importance of this kind of assistance for businesses ahead of the new GDPR regulations set to start in May this year…

The new GDPR regulations, coming into effect on the 25th May 2018, will have a significant impact on how all UK business collect, store and secure personally identifiable information (PII).

No least effected will be Sales and Marketing departments, as prospect – and even customer – contact information will come under scrutiny, and businesses who chose not to implement effective tools to manage this data will have some serious headaches in store, and risk exposing themselves to heavy penalties.

A good CRM tool already works for you to increase customer and prospect trust and loyalty. Changing the way you handle PII to meet GDPR compliance will do the same.

At SET For Business, our development team are busy working on a number of new features to help support your compliance. These features include:

Logged record access

It is important that you not only store data responsibly, but also that you have knowledge of any time that data has been accessed, and who accessed it.

Last contacted & reason of entitlement

In addition to our standard data fields, we are adding some GDPR-specific fields for all personal records, so that you can be confident you are entitled to reach out to a contact, and can be alerted when this entitlement is due to expire (more on that shortly). These fields include consent date, last contacted data, reason of entitlement, consent expiry, contact method preferences (phone/email/post) and consent document file storage.

Contacts expiring & auto highlighting of expired contacts

To help keep you GDPR compliant, we highlight your contacts that are approaching their consent expiry date. Optionally, personal information can be automatically hidden from users while consent is renewed or clarified.

Bulk updates

Once you’ve reviewed your customer and prospect database for what kind of personal information you have, where it comes from and what legal basis you have for keeping it, you will need a way to update all this personal data in the new GDPR world quickly and easily. Our bulk updates will help you to tune up and clean up your database quickly and easily.

Rather than updating personal records one by one, which can be time-consuming, you’ll be able to set up specific rules and use the bulk update feature to set consent date, reason of entitlement, contact method preference and expiry date on multiple records in a single click.

Right to be forgotten

Truly-expired records can be redacted from the system. We will retain enough generic data so that you still have the ability to review sales statistics, supporting continued strategic decision making, but PII will be removed.

In conclusion…

GDPR comes into effect in less than 5 months. If you don’t have a CRM system, or your current CRM system doesn’t support GDPR, then now is the time to look at SET For Business CRM.

We offer a free 30-day trial to all new accounts. Once you have signed up, one of our experienced customer success managers will walk you through the system, showing off our many features including the new functionality to support your business with GDPR compliance.
For existing customers that are already using our cloud-based CRM Solution, these features will be automatically made available as they are launched.

About SET For Business CRM

SET For Business is a UK-based Customer Relationship Management Tool, designed to help you track your engagements with your customers and contacts, and monitor the movement of your opportunities through your sales pipelines. Go beyond lead management and discover powerful tools to help you manage, generate and close your opportunities.

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