There’s no doubt that modern day businesses require efficient, and secure computer systems to complete day-to-day operational tasks that are vital to business stability and growth. Here, we explore why refurbished IT can benefit your business

Replacing old desktops and funding a brand-new IT suite can be costly and stretch even the healthiest of budgets. All new computers are sold at a premium as first-hand machines, and this expense can prevent SMEs, in particular, from upgrading at the right time. This premium cost can be saved by simply choosing refurbished computers – something which many businesses are failing to realise.

Cost effective solutions

“With the evolution of computer technology and the speed at which it develops, it’s become ever more important for businesses to have access to the best, up-to-date technology to support their growth and, in turn, success,” explained Michael Tu, Co-founder of Hardware Associates, a Sussex business specialising in the refurbishment and repair of IT hardware equipment.

“Refurbished machines cost up to 80% less than their new counterparts, so it’s an extremely cost-effective solution that provides access to higher quality machines than would otherwise be afforded,” continued Michael.

“This price ratio is the financial sweet spot for business owners, managers and also IT managers and finance controllers in larger companies, as it means employees will be provided with the technology they need to be the most productive but at a significantly less cost to the business. The latest models can be available as refurbished machines just three months after release date, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Secured technology

Sole traders and businesses can also benefit from replacing old hardware and systems that are less energy efficient and more vulnerable to cyber attacks when the provider no longer offers updates. In this instance, it is vital to find affordable systems; refurbished computers offer outstanding protection without the price tag.

It’s also worth noting that in any competitive sector, slow running machines vulnerable to attack will make companies less productive and, as a result, less competitive. Refurbished machines provide the speed and quality businesses need, without breaking the bank or damaging business productivity like prolonged use of old machines will.

Improved brand image

As businesses enjoys the quality and speed of computers that work as good as new, opting for refurbished models can also be an effective brand exercise. Being ‘green’ and environmentally conscious is appealing to the public and potential clients, and presents a company as being ethical, trustworthy and in touch with current political agendas, business trends and standpoints. In fact, it’s such a powerful message it could even be a selling point against your competitors.

A business of any size can become part of this community where the positive results are multifaceted. When you buy refurbished, you create an environmentally friendly cycle; it’s an opportunity to reduce business landfill waste and reduce the costs of managing and handling waste. In turn, you can also opt to recycle your current computers, which can be used for spare parts.

Rewarding asset disposal service

Many businesses, especially smaller ones, are unaware of the potential goldmines that they’re sitting on in unused IT equipment.

“Every business will have systems, monitors or laptops that they no longer use and are literally just sitting there gathering dust”, explained Bill Champness, Managing Director and Co-founder of Hardware Associates. “We offer an asset disposal service which can be very financially, and socially, rewarding for enterprises across many sectors. Most firms will undoubtedly have IT systems or equipment that are no longer being used and what we can do is take that off them, thoroughly check them and provide cash back for the unused equipment. In this way, businesses are provided with cash they never thought they had and can use it to purchase further equipment as and when they need to.”

Exterion Media, Europe’s largest privately owned Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising business, did exactly this. The conglomerate relies heavily on technology to deliver advertising across its estate, which reaches millions of people across urban areas. In fact, 47.4 million see Exterion Media advertising across the UK every week.

Underpinning the business is an IT real estate of desktops and laptops. When Exterion’s IT infrastructure manager, Stuart Harris, needed to review the hardware requirements of the business earlier this year, he decided to look at a better way of upgrading the hardware that could be both environmentally friendly and also give something back to the community.

“We recently refreshed our hardware because of an office move and wanted to ensure an easy, safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the replaced kit, while at the same time, wondered if another party could benefit from our old systems,” commented Harris.

“I quickly discovered that Hardware Associates run an asset management service which met all our requirements. Of the 127 machines, ranging from Dell laptops to Apple Mac Pro systems, the team were able to carry out a data destruction process, successfully wiping and recycling 118, and destroying and recycling the remaining machines that failed the process.”

“Exterion’s move to recycle its old hardware is something that we’d like to see more firms doing,” added Bill. “But the real beauty of this asset management process is that we could still derive some value out of the old kit and were able to pay back £5,000. Rather than Exterion simply donating their old hardware to charity, which would have caused the charity a maintenance headache in the long term, we were able to turn it into money and donate the £5,000 to the NSPCC and Childline.”

Refurbished doesn’t mean second best

A big myth of refurbished hardware is that it’s not as good quality, or matches the exact specifications businesses require. However, that’s not the case,” concluded Bill. “For the amount it costs to buy, for example, 10 new PCs direct from a vendor such as Dell or Apple, a business could purchase 20 reconditioned systems that are exactly the same spec and quality. Our premise has, and always will be, to provide small, medium and large businesses across a range of sectors with quality computing equipment at affordable prices.” 

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