Here in your first issue of 2018, our cover feature focuses on that of new business on the block, Psydro – the review site with a difference. SBT outlines the company’s aims and plans for the future within such a demanding business community

Never underestimate the power of consumer reviews! It turns out that online reviews are very important to customers, with 92% admitting to reading them before visiting a new business and 80% trusting them as much as personal recommendations.

Customer feedback is vital for both businesses and consumers alike. It enables members of the public to gain an insight into other people’s past purchasing experiences to build confidence, while businesses can tap into the latest consumer trends and shape their services towards the current marketplace, no matter what their sector. In fact, recent figures show that only 9% of consumers never search online for a business.

Importance of reviews

A positive online reputation is vital for any business and as one of the most powerful marketing assets, it can persuade potential new clients to get in touch or better still, it can encourage people to give companies they have never visited before a whirl–based largely on the testament of others. Helping people to make better purchasing decisions and giving them greater buying power, reviews can fast-track consumers to the checkout.

Psydro is a high-quality online review site that covers just about every industry and service that you can think of. As a valuable tool for both customers and businesses, everyone can fully embrace the marketing potential and release their inner-purchasing demons based on an established reputation.

Research shows that 92% of consumers are likely to use a business if it has a four-star rating in online reviews, while 74% believe positive reviews make a business more trustworthy. Shoppers trust consumer reviews almost 12 times more than they trust the manufacturers’ description on websites.

What’s more, consumers’ reliance on online reviews is growing. Did you know that 92% of consumers now read feedback, which is up from 88% in 2014? Up from 33% in 2015, 50% of consumers say they now read reviews on a regular basis. Good reviews produce an average 18% increase in sales: that really gives retailers something to aim for!

For those who wonder about the impact of negative reviews on their business, have no fear: as long as you resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, 95% of the dissatisfied customers will return. Take the positive out of the negative and listen to your customers to improve your sales strategy.

Consumers often become suspicious if there isn’t the odd negative review and 95% suspect censorship or even fake reviews if they don’t see any negative points. The odd negative review is simply a tool that can be used to work out how to do things better in future.

The history of Psydro

A Brighton-based startup, Psydro has embraced the British public’s reliance on reviews by launching an online platform, where consumers can read about other people’s purchasing experiences from every sector. Site-users can also write about their own shopping encounters (good or bad) to help others make informed decisions.

Co-founders, Ben Page and Tony Ward, extensively researched other forums to find out what consumers really wanted before they set about launching their own user-friendly site–which is based on a combination of the findings of their research and their own unique and innovative ideas.


Psydro’s impartial service provides benefits to buyers, sole traders and international corporations. It also offers a rewards scheme to consumers who use the platform regularly: The Gamification feature will recognise you if you are going all out to help fellow shoppers make informed decisions!

For the real review crusaders out there, you can benefit from prizes and experiences which are changed monthly. “Newbies” can climb the ladder and rise through the rankings to be enrolled in the rewards scheme.

Consumers who register on the site can write an unlimited number of reviews. They will be ranked from one to six, with six being the highest level, which is for people who have written 250 or more reviews.

There are also regular competitions which anyone can enter simply by contributing a review (winners are randomly selected). Offering some spectacular prizes including a PlayStation 4 bundle, a 42-inch LED television, an iPad and a Cannon Power Shot camera, the Psydro Christmas competition is up and running as we speak. So, when you’ve finished reading this article, why not take a few minutes to visit the site and leave a review?

Mobile app

The beauty of Psydro is that it is free for everyone to use. There are no joining fees or ongoing subscriptions. Simply create your account, log in and you’re off.

Consumers can contribute to the site on any mobile device by downloading the Psydro app, which is available from Google Play and App Store. You can leave real-time reviews and upload any relevant images.

Get this: with the Psydro app, if you happen to be in a retail store pondering over a particular product… you can simply check the Psydro reviews at the click of a button!

Consumers can also benefit from the introduction of website plugins for popular platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Shopify. These will link with the Psydro website. To get the best out of the Psydro platform, new users can sign up as a business or as an individual consumer.

Psydro aims to keep improving its service on all platforms. While 78% of consumers say they use a PC as the main method of reading reviews, more than 50% use more than one device. So, keeping the platform current and accessible using the latest technology is an important consideration.

Informative and fun, Psydro actively reviews all the feedback it receives from businesses and consumers to continually improve its site’s functionality and content.

In today’s climate, when 92% of consumers search for online reviews before using a business, the importance of bringing reviews together at the touch of a button is ever-growing. Consequently, no business can afford to ignore the massive marketing potential created by online reviews to prove their reliability, expertise and professionalism in an increasingly competitive market


What is Psydro?

Psydro is an online review platform where consumers can read and write reviews about goods and services from all sectors. As a caring and sharing community, it enables people to read about the personal experiences of others, thus helping everyone to make more informed purchasing decisions. Psydro invites you to tell it like it is!

Why was Psydro launched?

Co-founders Ben Page and Tony Ward researched other forums to try and establish what consumers really wanted. Careful consideration has also been given as to how a review platform can really help a business to improve and grow. Psydro provides a user-friendly, impartial service to benefit everyone… you, me, sole traders and international businesses…EVERYONE! The main aim from the onset has been to give the power to the people… and have a little fun along the way!

What makes Psydro different?

Psydro offers consumer insights into a multitude of different categories that cover every sector, including fashion and clothing, health and beauty, electrical, sports, gambling, food and drink, travel, property and home, services, automotive, entertainment and more. We care, because we know you care

How can Psydro help my business?

It’s a fact that 92% of online shoppers check out reviews before they make a final decision on a purchase, so for a business that delivers complete customer satisfaction, it’s rewarding and useful to receive a great review. Reviews can also help with SEO – they can achieve advertising benefits without the financial risks associated with Search Engine Optimisation. Businesses are invited to add a description of their company and Psydro will give them 10 tags to provide more visibility with site users. For anyone who receives a less than favourable review… Well, this gives you the opportunity to get things right!

Why should I use Psydro as a consumer?

Psydro can help consumers to get the service they deserve. Marketing tactics can make it difficult to gauge the accuracy and authenticity of advertising hype – but nothing is more reliable than the views of real people, as they tend to give a neutral perspective on their experiences. As my headmaster always used to say, honesty is the best policy!
Can I use Psydro on my mobile? For use on mobile devices, Psydro’s app is available from the App Store and Google Play. Consumers can leave real-time reviews and they even upload images. It’s fun, engaging and easy to use.

How do the ranks work on the Psydro website?

Let the fun begin! Psydro’s Gamification scheme recognises regular users who are leaving reviews and they can receive prizes and experiences which are changed regularly. Users are given rankings that recognise their status as a contributor. Anyone who has written one to four reviews is classed as a “newbie” but as they work their way up the point scoring ranks, they will automatically be enrolled in the rewards scheme.

Is Psydro free?

The best things in life are FREE! Psydro’s main service will always be free, but the company has aspirations to include something for everyone – as a result, new features will be added, both paid for and free.