The patch, a bar and restaurant dedicated to craft beer and Pintxos, has opened its first premises in Lewes after receiving support from NatWest

Established by Patrick Howes, who has worked in brewing and in pubs in the Lewes area for many years, the business is set to capitalise on the growing demand for modern brewing methods, small-scale production values and establish the bar as an alternative to the well-known high street names. Featuring a range of high-quality and unusual beers from across the South East, as well as from around the world, The patch will also serve a range of fresh, flavourful Pintxos, the ‘Basque Tapas’.

NatWest was able to assist with funding for the acquisition of the site, which will feature a bar, quality kitchen and a relaxed ambience.  The opening has created three jobs immediately, and is expected to generate further employment opportunities in the future, both in front of house positions and in the kitchen.

Patrick Howes, Director of Drunk Monkey, said: “This deal will allow the business to fulfil its dream of establishing a location in Lewes whilst continuing our commitment to the philosophy that local is better.

“Throughout the process, Ian Woodward, our relationship manager at NatWest, was able to offer invaluable advice which has helped put the patch in a strong position to grow over the coming years.”

Ian Woodward, NatWest Relationship Manager, said: “We are confident that the funding will put The patch in a strong position to offer real value to the local community, with a menu for both food and drinks that adds something fresh to Lewes town centre.”