Revolutionary new job site uses psychometric, cultural and personality matching algorithms to maximise recruitment process…

The UK’s hospitality industry is facing a dire skills shortage in 2018, according to new joint research from the University of Cambridge and SkillSnap. Next year in bars, pubs and clubs alone over 125,000 UK roles will need to be filled.

The figure is even higher for restaurants and cafés where almost 250, 000 positions need to be recruited. The crisis has been accelerated by high staff turnover and expected freedom of movement restrictions anticipated by Brexit.

The research was carried out by University of Cambridge, Judge Business School MBA – ranked as the No.1 business school in the UK* and No.5 worldwide – in response to the looming crisis. The main findings indicated a need in businesses for ‘matching algorithms’ – i.e. clever modern technology putting the right candidate, position and company together producing a) time savings, b) better fitting candidates and c) more longevity in subsequent time of employment.

Ben Aymé, Founder of said; “It’s a major crisis for both small independents and large hospitality chains. The CV is 500 years old. It is a flat, un-read, old-fashioned document completely unsuited to the needs of the modern post-digital economy. Our mission is to make it as easy and cost effective as possible to get the right employer and employee fit to ensure that not only is the job filled but that the person remains in that employment for as long as possible.”

Chris Dunn Consulting was selected to work alongside SkillSnap and the research team. Chris said; “SkillSnap has the potential to revolutionise the hiring process in the hospitality industry. The CVP insights will provide a further boost to the company as its innovative platform penetrates new markets”.

SkillSnap provides ground-breaking technology to maximise efficiency of the recruitment process. For job seekers, SkillSnap is a fast and efficient vehicle for conveying a true sense of who the candidate is and what they want to achieve. For businesses, SkillSnap is revolutionising the cost model and the speed at which businesses can drill down into the depth of prospective candidates ultimately saving business time and money.

University of Cambridge researchers also found that businesses were having to sell themselves. Making a business look good in a user-friendly showcase was crucial to attract new staff. One senior business owner said; “We have to fight for every person. For everyone I interview I’m selling my business to them, they’re not just selling themselves.”