This month, Sussex Business Times is shaking it up. We took to the beautiful city of Brighton once again, this time to review all that the peculiar Hotel Pelirocco has to offer its guests…

Something very different this month in terms of reviews – the Hotel Pelirocco is a breath of fresh air for those of you looking for a business space different to the usual white walled clinical conference rooms commonly used for business spaces.

The hotel is famous nationwide for its eccentric themed bedrooms and rock and roll glamour. The name loosely means “red head” in Spanish and it doesn’t disappoint, fiery, glamorous and attractive in every sense. Since 2000, the hotel opened with a mission statement to fill the gap in the market between the standard B&B’s and the upmarket but functional business hotels readily available everywhere.

Packed to the brink with art and decadent décor, the Hotel Pelirocco is the quirky alternative choice for business meetings and stays. I reviewed this on a Sunday evening expecting quiet and calm – it was anything but, with a DJ and a bustling busy bar. That is no criticism – it is the perfect place for a distraction and business entertainment, with music and a wild, wacky crowd without even having to leave the hotel. The wallpaper in the bar, and the fascinating retro artwork covering almost every inch of every single floor is worth the visit, even without the stay. It is a destination venue and I struggle to think of anywhere in the UK that could take your mind off your troubles more quickly than this place. The hotel is a welcome, instant assault on the eyes, ears and senses, taking you to a darker but definitely more chilled out world.

Not your typical business place, you might think, and whilst I agree, I would thoroughly recommend a night’s stay in this rock and roll wonderland. There are 19 different themed rooms, including rooms such as the Gresham Blake or the Modrophenia. The website details them all and is worth a look. I was greeted on arrival at the reception, which looks like an old club cloakroom entrance. I received a friendly welcome with a warm invite to the bar once I had settled in. I was lucky enough to stay in the brand new Koibito Love room. It is a Japanese themed room with a large platform bed, and the deepest bath I have ever seen. Clean and very trendy, the attention to detail of the theme was spectacular. In my room there were kimonos, a small floor table with comfortable cushions, and the most impressive Japanese graffiti wall. Complimentary tea and coffee and instead of biscuits, a Curly Wurly! Whilst I did not sample the delights, there is also a very naughty range of room service available, let’s just say “toys,” and I suspect that even the most uptight of us would benefit from a night sharing the bed of this wonderful space.

I digress! Which is very easy to do in this hotel. Back to business. The free Wi-Fi was quick and easy to access. The breakfast was very quiet, I was alone in the breakfast room. I suspect the rock and roll of the previous evening will provoke most guests into making use of the 12pm standard check out time. This can be extended to 2pm for the real hard-core ravers. I ordered a good old bacon sandwich and was more than happy with the fresh coffee and great quality local ingredients, served with a smile by the lovely Jen. I also met the welcoming and chatty Bar Manage,r Alice who was very knowledgeable about the hotel’s services for businesses.

On a little tour of the hotel I discovered that it more than serves the needs of the local business community too. There is a private conference room which, by night is used as the Singstar Room, and by day provides a perfect corporate environment for business events and presentations. It is undeniable that the business service of the hotel is more suited in particular, to trendy, arty businesses who are “bored of beige,” with a need to impress as well as educate their delegates. Interestingly the hotel also offers a full business experience including the meeting room hire, in-house catering, accommodation and breakfasts at a very affordable rate.

There is a Business 2 Business scheme set up for those looking to use this original boutique hotel to accommodate clients on a more regular basis, with prices as low as £49 per head including single room with complimentary cooked breakfast with an automatic upgrade to a double room where available.

Sadly I suspect this hotel gets overlooked by the business community as a little too niche or alternative. I can see why, the target market is the alternative crowd, especially lovers ready for a hedonistic night. Strangely this is exactly the reason I would recommend it for a business event. It caters for every need, both inside and outside of work. Choosing this hotel for a business event or stay might be seen as a risk for those wanting business credibility and respect. However the rewards, if it pays off, would most certainly demand the respect and gratitude of even your most square colleagues. I struggle to see how anyone could leave this hotel not feeling like the coolest person on the planet.

Check out the Hotel Pelirocco website for the enticing prices:

Hotel Pelirocco
10 Regency Square
01273 327055