About SBT

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What is SBT?

Sussex Business Times (SBT) is a free monthly magazine reporting from the frontline of business in Sussex. SBT gets inside the business issues that matter, informing, inspiring, encouraging, and entertaining the business community with news, features, case studies, and advice. The publication has been in print for nearly 40 years and is now an established title and valuable communication tool for anyone with an interest in business – from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned CEOs.

SBT is published by Life Media Group.

What does SBT do?

SBT provides a platform for local businesses to share news and express views. It invites discussion about contemporary issues and it aims to energise and strengthen the Sussex business community.

Each month we publish a good mix of content, including relevant news, interesting features, financial advice, interviews, case studies and local reviews. With this, SBT aims to:

  • Give Sussex business people a voice.
  • Keep readers in the know about local issues.
  • Spark discussion.
  • Foster a strong community spirit.

Where does SBT go?

SBT is delivered comprehensively to members of the Sussex Business Community. Including:

  • 25,000+ on-line subscribers
  • Estimated readership of 47,000 in print edition
  • SBT’s distribution points include local sporting and leisure facilities, i.e golf clubs, stadiums, hotels, Waitrose supermarket stores and with 4,000 delivered directly to the desks of senior business decision makers across the Sussex region.

Who reads SBT?

The main readership consists of professionals aged 30 years and over, working across a variety of sectors. They are bright, business-minded and thirsty for information about and beyond their own industries. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit within this community, so SBT readers tend to be highly curious and receptive of new ideas and technologies. All hard workers need time out to enjoy life and spend their earnings, which is why SBT is packed with  features, product suggestions and well-targeted adverts to keep readers both informed and entertained.